The Alabama Children’s Hospital Foundation is responsible for coordinating all charitable support for the mission of Children's of Alabama. Philanthropic support from our community of donors helps cover the expenses of vital programs and child-friendly services that are not reimbursed through insurance. These gifts help Children’s maintain the quality of the healthcare provided to our region’s most ill and critically injured children, and also provides support for pediatric research and education.

The community’s compassion and loving support for Children’s also provides much needed capital for hospital growth, as evidenced by the magnificent Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children. This facility, which has forever changed the Birmingham skyline, was made possible by over $100 million of contributions from the community from all around the state.

Demand for services offered by Children's continues to increase, as do expenses, challenging a Medicaid program which is already under duress. As a non-profit, Children's relies on donations to make a difference in the lives of our young patients and to continue to meet the ever-intensifying needs.

The Foundation strives to strengthen the financial security of Children's of Alabama by establishing and nurturing donor relationships for the long term. Foundation employees work with other Children's staff to identify vital programs in need of private support to function and match them with individuals, businesses and foundations interested in funding those programs.

Our community has a tradition of putting children first. It is the Foundation’s objective to provide appropriate and meaningful opportunities for such caring individuals and organizations to impact our mission. Support for our community is what makes our hospital not just a hospital, but a hospital just for children.

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