Red Wagon Donation

Little Red Wagons at Children’s Hospital

Radio Flyer wagons are used every day at Children’s for transporting patients, moving supplies and more. Over the years we have developed recommended guidelines for wagons. Radio Flyer 1800 model is the recommended wagon. It is called Big Red Classic ATW. The 1800 model is recommended by infection control because it does NOT have wooden sides.


Look for the Big Red Classic ATW. Approximate cost $139.99 at
Wagons are also available at and

Suggestions for Painting and Decorating the Wagons

  • Begin with applying a primer called “Gripper” by Glidden. Lowe’s and Home Depot carry this product. May be applied with a sponge or bristle brush. Apply 2-3 coats allowing drying time between each application.
  • All paint products must be NON-TOXIC. We recommend Delta Ceramcoat, Americana or FolkArt. These products may be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.
  • Once the design is complete and dry, apply either a liquid (Modge Podge) or aerosol spray of clear gloss or matte varnish.
  • Do not apply stickers, ribbons, etc. because they are easily peeled/pulled off and cannot be cleaned properly.

Making Your Donation

You may bring your wagon(s) to the McWane Information Desk at 1600 7th Avenue, South or the Russell Information Desk at 1601 5th Avenue, South.

For more information contact Bonnie Bivins at 205-638-5386 or

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